People look at air conditioning systems as a necessity these days and not as a luxury item. It can be important for you to follow these air conditioner tips for summer if you are looking to save some money. 

There has been a substantial increase in the number of homes that have air conditioning systems in Canada. In 2013, only 55% of houses had an air conditioning system, but this number has increased to 60% by the end of 2017. This number is only going to grow in the years to come.

Air conditioners keep us cool, and allow us to stay comfortably inside the home or the office. The only problem with this equipment is that it can shoot up your electricity bill if you are not careful. Here are some fantastic air conditioner tips for summer that you can follow to save some money.

Stop Cooling Your Neighborhood

If you are living in an old house, cold air can escape your home through worn doors or window seals. Attics that are poorly insulated and sneaky cracks may also be reasons for cold air to escape.

It would be wise to get an energy audit for your home if you want to know if your house is efficient enough to hold the cold air. An auditor or an energy rater who is certified will come to your home and conduct the audit. They will give you tips and recommendations which you can follow to make your more house energy-efficient. You should plan on adding insulation after receiving the audit report in places where a leak has been found. This can help to reduce the costs of your electricity bill.

Close the Curtains and Blinds

During the summer, the sun’s rays can be pretty hot and can raise the temperature in the room within a short span. The compressor on the air conditioning unit is going to work especially hard to cool down the temperature inside the room.

When the air conditioner runs for a long time, it will increase the costs on the electricity bill. If you close the window curtains or blinds, you can stop the sun’s rays from coming into the room as it acts as insulation. The best part is that it will also retain the cold air.

Use The Fan Instead Of The Air Conditioner

Many people turn on the air conditioner throughout the day. This might not be a good thing as your utility bill will only go up. You should plan on turning the fan on instead of the air conditioning system.

As per the National Resource Defense Council, turning on the fan is one of the best ways to reduce the temperature in the room by 10 degrees. Fan only uses 10% of the energy that an air conditioning uses. Using smart fans are even better, as you can schedule when it will turn on during the week and how fast it can rotate. It is one of the best air conditioner tips for summer.

Get A Smart Thermostat

Purchasing a smart thermostat is one of the best ways to save energy. With a smart thermostat, you can control the air conditioning system even though you are away from your home. You can even use your mobile phone to set the temperature, and turn off the air conditioning systems from anywhere your phone has a connection. If you haven’t ever thought about it, you should consider obtaining one soon.

Don’t Set the Temperature Low

Many people believe in a wrong notion that keeping the temperature of the air conditioning system low will help in cooling down the room. For example, people set the thermostat to 16°C intending to cool the house down. While it does cool the room temperature, the compressor is going to work continuously to ensure that the temperature doesn’t rise above 16°C. Over time, it will continue to impact your electricity bill as your air conditioner continuously runs. 

If you set the temperature to 22° or 24° C the room is going to be cool, and your electricity bill will take less of a hit.

Clean The Air Conditioning System

If you want your AC to work well, you should plan on cleaning your air filters and vents. Replace those that have damage to them. If dirty, the air conditioning system is going to take a longer time to run and to become efficient. When you do this, the quality of the air is going to improve. 

Regular Maintenance of the System

Lastly, you should hire a professional air conditioning maintenance company to help you in maintaining the system. Professional companies act responsibly and ensure that they do the correct maintenance, and avoid any damages.

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