You should be aware of these air conditioner maintenance tips if you want to safeguard or protect these systems. Firstly, hiring a professional team can help you save so much money in the long run. You invest a lot of money in purchasing air conditioning systems for your office or home. It is crucial for you to take good care of these systems if you want them to work efficiently.

For instance, a few years back, an AC in a summer school did not work to its full capacity. As a result, students had to sit in classrooms where the temperature was hitting almost 84°. You could imagine how terrible they might have felt sitting in that classroom. It is entirely possible to avoid this kind of issue if you do regular maintenance for this equipment.

So, here is a list of some fantastic air conditioner maintenance tips that you should know. 

Clean or Replace The Air Filters

It is essential for you to clean the filters regularly if you want your air conditioning system to function well. 

Dust and dirt can accumulate on these filters, which will eventually force the air conditioning equipment to work even harder to distribute cool air. Constant use of the air conditioner, as well as having pets in your home can cause the filters to collect dirt or get clogged. This can cause your electricity bill to shoot up high. Cleaning the filters will help to clean the systems, and it will also help in improving the air quality, besides enhancing the efficiency of the system. 

In some instances, it might even be right to replace the filters than to clean them. If you are using a professional company to do the maintenance work, they will let you know when you should plan on replacing it. 

Clean The Coils

It is vital for you to clean the condenser and evaporator coils as they can collect dust and dirt over time. The airflow reduces when they have collected too much dirt. Grime and grit that settle on the coils can insulate the coils making it inefficient, and it may not absorb the heat as it should do. 

While it is not a difficult task to clean up the coils, you should still know how to do it if you want the air conditioning system to run more efficiently. It is wise to use a professional maintenance company to do the cleaning as they will have an eye for detail. 

Straighten The Fins

Your air conditioning system may not work efficiently if the fins on the condenser and evaporator are bent. This condition may block the airflow. Therefore, it is vital for you to straighten the fins so that the system functions properly.  

Mould On The System

Your family’s health is at stake if you observe mould on the system. You should take the time to inspect the outdoor unit regularly to ensure that mould isn’t forming on it. It is also important for you to know that mould can grow inside the system, especially when you do not use the air conditioner regularly. 

These mould spores produce allergens. And allergens can cause serious problems such as headaches, sore throats, and respiratory problems. Wiping it out does not necessarily mean that you have eradicated it. Since removing it is not an easy task, you will likely need the help of a professional to treat this condition. 

The Refrigerant Leak

Sometimes, no matter how long you are running the air conditioning system, it will not cool down the room as it is supposed to do. If you are facing this situation, it might be because the refrigerant gas might be leaking out. Sometimes, you can also hear a hissing sound when there is a gas leak. 

Gas in your air conditioning system is not like oil in the car that you need to replace after some time. Unless there is a leak, the refrigerant gas usually circulates inside the system without any loss. Hence, if you face this particular situation, you should plan on calling a professional to help you in fixing this problem. 

Frozen Coils

You might observe pieces of ice fall from the indoor unit on to the floor. This happens only when there are insufficient levels of refrigerant in the system. You might feel alarmed looking at the ice on the evaporator coil. When you observe this, you should know that it can lead to a system breakdown if you do not fix this issue at the earliest possible time. 

These are some of the best air conditioner maintenance tips that you should be aware of if you want your air conditioning system to run efficiently. 


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