Statistics show that 55% of homes across Canada have furnaces as their primary heating system, followed by boilers and electric baseboards. And so, chances are that when it gets cold outside, your home’s furnace becomes a lifeline for the entire family and ensures their comfort throughout the winter season. 

Even though the average lifespan of a furnace is at least 15 years; with the right maintenance schedule, you can make yours last up to 30 years. 

The trouble is that most homeowners forget all about their furnaces until winter arrives and by then, there is hardly any time to schedule maintenance or get the ducts cleaned – ultimately leading to your furnace problems.

If you start experiencing furnace problems, make sure you get them fixed early on – call in a professional to troubleshoot and fix the problem to ensure the safety of your home and your family. 

After all, a furnace is one of the most complicated appliances in homes, so when it breaks down there is no time to lose at all; in such a situation, emergency furnace repair is the only way to go.

However, if there’s still time, go through the following checklist to figure out the problem so you can get the help you need. 

What Leads to Furnace Problems?

1. The Furnace Isn’t Heating Up Properly

If your furnace is firing up just fine but not blowing heat as much as it usually does, dirty air filters might be the culprit. 

These can hamper the performance and efficiency of a furnace by trapping dirt, dust, debris over time. This restricts the flow of air to and from the furnace, resulting in a damaged heat exchanger.

Additionally, if it is overlooked for long, heat and pressure can build-up inside your furnace because of dirty filters. 

But don’t worry; clogged filters are a common problem in furnaces across homes in the greater Toronto area, and they are easy to replace. Also, newer furnace models have built-in detectors to let you know if the filters are clogged and need replacing. 

Call in a professional to change the filters and see if that fixes the problem.

2. Is The Thermostat Troublesome?

A faulty furnace could be attributed to something as simple as a failing thermostat, i.e., the controls for your heating system.

Here’s how you can test it: set the equipment to heat and adjust it to five degrees above the room temperature to see if the furnace is turned on. Be patient because it might take some time to heat up before the blower sends some warm air your way.

If it’s working, then your thermostat is fine – otherwise, try changing the batteries.

If that doesn’t work, it’s time to call in the pros – we offer services for 24-hour furnace repair in Toronto and surrounding areas.

3. Is The Furnace Even Turned On?

Now, we understand this is a no-brainer, but sometimes people forget to turn the furnace on!

So go ahead, check that it’s on and if it’s not working, look at the fuse or the circuit breaker for the furnace. Finally, make sure that the blower motor covers are secure.

Air ducts inspection

(A technican troubleshooting furnace problem)

4. May Be The Air Ducts Need Inspection

Are there cold spots across your home even when the furnace is turned on and working fine in other areas?

Most Canadian homes have vents in the basement where it can get cluttered with debris and dust; clean up the area around the furnace to keep it functioning and looking better.   

The air ducts might also need some cleaning and maintenance services – confirm this by checking the handles that you’ll see protruding from the pipes as these control the airflow and let you know if there is a blockage in the way. 

So for starters, make sure the dampers are fully open; then call in a professional technician to check for incorrectly installed or leaking ducts that are making your home lose some of the heat from the furnace. 

These furnace problems might not require emergency attention, but if ignored for long, they can increase your energy bills exponentially. 

Is it time to call in the Pros for furnace repairs In Toronto, Scarborough and surrounding areas?

If your furnace is less than ten years old, chances are that you won’t need to replace it and that the problem can be resolved through repair services. Additionally, if it still heats your home fine, then all other issues can be resolved with the help of a reliable HVAC pro. 

As a general rule of thumb, if your heater bill hasn’t increased in the last few months and if the heating can be felt across the home even if it is less than usual, you won’t need to replace your furnace entirely. 

These issues can be repaired for less than a third of the cost of a new furnace and your local technician can replace and repair the parts necessary to get it working like new again. 

In Conclusion

If you’ve checked everything but your furnace still isn’t working, then only a qualified emergency furnace repair technician can help you with your furnace problems.

Repairing a furnace is not a DIY project – leave it to experienced HVAC repair technicians like the experts at Controlled Comfort Air Inc.

When it comes to furnaces, it is imperative to ensure that your equipment is safe and performing to the best of its ability. 

That’s why we not only provide emergency furnace repairs but also deliver scheduled maintenance for homes across Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, etc. in the greater Toronto area – all in an effort to help you avoid costly breakdowns that can be prevented. 

To learn more about our furnace repair services, call us at 416-531-9191.

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