Winter is the best season of the year as everything around you becomes cold. You will know that winter is coming soon when you can see leaves falling on the ground and the days grow shorter and the nights grow long. Now, this is the time for you to pull out the furnace maintenance checklist for winter.

Winters in most of the regions of Canada are pretty cold. In some cities, the average temperature can drop to between -15° and -40° C during this season. You’ll likely find that your home is comfortable when the furnace or the HVAC system is working. But, just imagine if this equipment doesn’t function well. 

Here is a furnace maintenance checklist that you need to use to prepare your HVAC system or the furnace for the winter:

Clean the Chimney

Yes, this is the first thing that you need to do when preparing for winter. Inspect the chimney to ensure that there is no soot building inside it. Sometimes, birds can build nests inside this chamber as well. You should take some time to clear these things out of the chimney. The efficiency of your heating systems increases when you check and remove them. 

Another important note is that, if carbon monoxide leaks from the system, it will escape using this route without causing any harm to you. Inhaling this poisonous gas is dangerous, and sometimes, this particular gas can also ignite a fire. 

Replace the Filters

The second item on the furnace maintenance checklist is replacing its filters. Now, this isn’t a difficult task and is simple work to do. The benefits that you will get to enjoy when you do this are enormous. For example, doing this will help you to save almost 15% on the heating bills. 

Changing the filters also increase the lifetime of the furnace or the HVAC system. Filters, in a nutshell, are like the bedsheets. You need to replace them before the start of every season. If you haven’t changed them recently, you should plan on doing it before the winter season. 

Seal the Air Leaks

Air leaks can make your equipment work harder and raise the electricity bill. As such, you should take the time to check if there are leaks near the windows or doors in your home. If you’ve traced some spots, you should plan on sealing off those spots. 

You should also plan on getting an energy audit for your home, which will help you to recognize any possible problems. After which, you should try to fix the issues before the winter. Doing this will help to reduce your costs on your electricity bills

Clean the Ducts

It is important for you to inspect the heating ducts and also plan on cleaning them thoroughly. If you do this, the overall air quality is going to improve, and most importantly, your furnace won’t have to work as hard to function well. 

When you’re inspecting the ducts, ensure that it has no punctures. If you observe dents, holes,  dust, dirt, mildew or mould, and parts that are disconnected, you should plan on getting these things fixed. Mould can cause serious health problems for your family. Allergens can cause breathing problems apart from giving you a sore throat and headaches. 

Loose parts and leaks in the duct can make the HVAC system or the furnace work even harder, eventually increasing the utility bill. Since this is not an easy job, you should consider using a professional company to assist you with this. 

Open the Blinds

An easy tip is to simply open the blinds or curtains. Clean the windows so that the sun’s rays can come inside your home. When you maximize the exposure of the sun, the furnace does not have to work hard to warm up your house. And of course, it will also help in reducing your power bill. 

Clean Your House

You might not enjoy it, but this is one of the tasks that you need to do as per the furnace maintenance checklist. Ensure that you clean up your house and remove dirt, dust and allergens, as doing this will help to improve the air quality. Your family can stay comfortably at your home this season, and they are not going to fall sick. 

Tune-Up the HVAC System

The last task that you need to do as per the furnace maintenance checklist is to get a professional company to come and inspect the system. Have them fix the problems that they identify. Having them tune-up your HVAC system is going to increase the life of the furnace, apart from increasing its efficiency.


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